What does Tennis mean to you?

It's a question we ask ourselves constantly here at MatchOn HQ.  Our team's tennis experience is all over the place - ranging from high-level college play to a few weekend warriors.  Everyone has a great tennis story and, more importantly, tennis means something to everyone no matter how they play the game.  

One of our summer interns, Asher Weiss, explains what tennis means to him.  Join in on the conversation and share what tennis means to you below!

By:  Asher Weiss


Tennis is one of the most popular and extraordinary games in the world. The game spreads from Boston to Sydney to Bangkok and everything in between. Tennis is played in different climates, on different courts, and with different surroundings and has become a widely recognized sport. Some play for enjoyment, others play to make money, but all seem to share a same strong love of the game.

Ever since I can remember I have played tennis. I learned when I was just a little kid and have loved playing ever since. Something about being out on court with nothing else on your mind always makes playing tennis a really special experience. I played a wide range of sports as a kid including basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, yet none seemed to stick with me as much as tennis. So what makes tennis so special?

It could be the mental strategies used at all times, it could be the strong sense of one on one competition, or it could be the fact that when you are on court, there is nothing to think about except the game. For me it’s a mix of all those things. However, one very special aspect of tennis is the fact that it is a multi-generational game. Fathers and mothers teach their kids, who teach their kids and so on and so forth. Tennis really is a sport that family members can easily teach to each other and can play together for fun.

Spending my summers in a small town with a strong tennis community has allowed me to experience the real generational aspect of the game. Tournaments in my town consist of sons and grandsons, uncles and nephews, mothers and daughters, basically any combination of family members you can think of. Being able to share a game with your family is something that few other sports can offer.

Being able to play with people of all ages is another very special part of tennis. I have to admit that people 50 years older than me have beaten me a few times. The fact that anyone, no matter what your age, can beat anyone else makes the game so much more interesting.

Over the years tennis has become a very important part of my life. Sometimes we don’t realize how important things are to us until we really sit back and think about it. Tennis has taught me to focus, taught me how to lose, and taught me how to compete. It has relaxed me in times of stress and has picked me up in times of defeat. I have trouble imaging what my life would be like without my favorite activity. Tennis is so much more than an activity; tennis is a part of me.

Why Technology Can (and Should) Change Tennis.

Technology is doing great things for Tennis. Smart racquets and smart courts are transforming the way we play the game we love. What we need are better ratings.

 The French Open saw some professionals being equipped with so-called "smart racquets" - a tennis racquet that can collect data on the player and then upload this to a computer where it can be used to improve the player’s game. These racquets designed by Babolat are being used by pros such as Rafa, Li Na and Sam Stosur. The technology will allow tennis players to get a deeper understanding of their game’s strengths and flaws. This is a really exciting development in Tennis!

 Another development in technology for tennis has been the PlaySight Smart Court. PlaySight has designed courts equipped with cameras, which can track ball speeds and record your shots so that a coach can give you better tips. These devices can also function as line judges giving real-time playback to players. With the smart court, tennis is about to get a lot more interesting. We can’t wait to see what PlaySight does next!


Part of our goal to creating more competitive and fun tennis matches involves re-imagining the way we go about tennis ratings.


With great advancements in racquet technology and on-court data collection, you’d think a cutting-edge system to rate tennis players would have been created years ago. Unfortunately this isn't the case, and MatchOn is out to fix this problem. Our goal to creating competitive and fun tennis matches involves re-imagining the way we go about tennis ratings. Much like the Golf handicap system, MatchOn will use dynamic ratings based on objective match result data. This means your rating will change after every match you play, giving you a real-time view into your current tennis playing level.  



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Welcome to MatchOn

Welcome to our new site and our blog.  The MatchOn app will launch in mid-August in a select group of cities, and we're excited about its potential to revolutionize the way we find people to play tennis with.  

So why are we launching a tennis app?  It's simple:  the top reason why people don't play tennis is because they don't have anyone to play with.  We realized, however, that the problem runs deeper than that.  The real reason people don't play is that they don't have anyone to play with at their skill level.  Hundreds of thousands of tennis matches go unplayed every year because people would rather not play at all than play someone at a different level.  We want to change this.

Our app is going to match you with a player at your level every single time.  You're going to have more fun playing tennis.  And unlike other sites where you have to scroll through a database of players and schedule the match yourself (not knowing if it will even be fun), we automate this process and deliver a fun match at the touch of a button.  

We hope you'll come join us!  Pre-register for the app, tell your friends,  download it on launch day, enter your results and, most importantly, have more FUN playing tennis!


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